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Friday, September 10



I will no longer be using this site.

Please bookmark and regularly view my *ALL NEW* blog at adampinnell.com/blog

See you there!


Wednesday, August 4

Whoopie Cakes!

These were really tasty! You must try them!

Friday, July 23

Wednesday, July 21

The Vicious Cats!

Sorry, I just had to post them. :)

Sunday, July 11

Portsmouth, VA

While visiting my Aunt sandy a while ago, I grabbed these shots in her back yard. What a great place to be!!

Thursday, July 8

Camera anyone???

Im trying to sell my Canon 40d since I recently switched over to Nikon. This camera is in great condition and comes with quite a lot of extras. It comes with a 50mm 1.8 lens, a battery grip, three batteries, a charger and a cable release. If you would like more photos or specs just email me at adam@adampinnell.com. You can send offers to my email or phone (252)-213-9282. Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, July 6

Whitesell Wine

At Whitesell farms in Gibsonville, NC right outside of Greensboro. They offer a different kind of wine. Blackberry wine. Yep thats right, this as well as other types they have here are made from very large blackberries. I hear that it is extremely tasty and unique! To place an order or get more info call them at (336)-697-7090. This is something you'll want to try!

Friday, July 2

Summer Solstice 2010

Short Production I did of the longest day of the year celebration in Greensboro, NC. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 29

Sunday, June 27


A short video project I've been working on. First of many to come!

Friday, June 25

Sneak preview of Summer Solstice

This past weekend I went to the longest day of the year celebration, also known as the summer solstice. This event was a great place for photos, as the had fire dancing, belly dancing, a butterfly release... the list could go on! Here is sneak peek of more to come! :)

Wednesday, June 23

Aunt Sandy

My "great" aunt (and I mean that in more ways than one!) has recently been fighting the battle with cancer. She has always been dear to me. I love to go over to her house for the great food, good times and beautiful scenery. While she may seem weak to some now, I see her strong as ever, in spirit. For now, I can only hope and pray that my "great" aunt will recover.

Tuesday, June 22

Baby Geese!

Riding down the road, Jessica shouted "Babies!". Scared the heck out of me but when I realized what she was talking about I couldn't help but go back and photograph them! Enjoy!

Monday, June 21

Tuesday, June 1

Barn at night

A couple of nights Ago the moon was very bright! I wanted to do a night shot so I went out on the farm and took this. Enjoy!